Towards better employability from diversity for an equal Europe


EU in 2018 had a youth unemployment rate of 16.8  but in Spain, this  percentage was  32.6  , in  Portugal 17.8 , in Romania 11.8 and in Poland 11.6 (the four countries participating in the project). If this problem of employment generated by economic factors, we must add other factors that affect it, such as discrimination due to four factors of diversity among young Europeans: ethnicity, immigration, religion, and gender. This is where the importance of the global dialogue table between young people and institutional representatives lies, with two main objectives: to know the key challenges faced by governments and institutions in the field of employment and to develop a common methodology that helps to develop teams and build organizations committed to Agenda 2030.


  • To develop the competencies of young people and participating organizations in policymaking processes, participatory policies and bottom-up design and implementation
  • Initiate a structured dialogue between young people and participating organizations on employment discrimination issues in the areas of ethnicity, immigration, religion, and gender.
  • To contribute to fostering communication and dialogue between political representative institutions, youth- related organizations, and
  • Encourage the dissemination of information on the structured dialogue in the participating countries and make it extrapolated to the rest of


  • Definition of a methodology for the design and implementation of the
  • Young people with competences on the Initiative and the
  • Memorandum of Understanding signed by representatives of the different political levels
  • Position paper represented at international meetings of the
  • Handbook on the SD Initiative and the issues addressed in the project.


Each entity participating in the project will make a call to select young people who can participate in the project being some of them selected to participate in the week of structured dialogue to be held in June 2020 in Zaragoza (Spain) traveling from each country to the meeting.

In this meeting will take place over five days’ activities of dialogue between young people from four different countries, specialists in the field of discrimination in the work of participating entities, poetry, public entities responsible for youth policies, entities of awareness and other relevant stakeholders.

This structured dialogue (SD) between young people and representatives in decision-making will result in a step forward in the development of European, national and regional directives on transparency and access to information, as well as promoting active citizenship and the involvement of young people in creating a Europe that is more transparent and closer to young people.