Towards better employability from diversity for an equal Europe

Our Partners

Fundación Mas Vida is a non-profit foundation with a professional background in education projects, awareness of the rights of children and youth, social action and inclusion and development cooperation located in Zaragoza (Spain). His values are democratic and plural participation, as a means to exercise full citizenship in society, social commitment, equal opportunities, dialogue and respect for diversity in its broadest sense. Its network not only includes different delegations in Spain (Huesca, Madrid, Soria, Teruel, Valencia) but also has a delegation in Rome (Italy) and Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The team of the entity has extensive experience in the above areas and also includes a wide network of volunteers and almost 1,500 partners In Spain and Europe. The entity has committed itself to the development of actions that promote equal opportunities with special civic coexistence in respect and equity.

Amicus Society [Towarzystwo Amicus] was established in July 1998 by a team of higher education facilities’ students and graduates, cultural activists, local authority employees, academic staff members, and entrepreneurs of Podlasie. Amicus Society today is a fast growing organization which has been active for over 15 years in the fields of information, training, education, publishing, and counselling services. As an independent non-profit organization, its activity follows the rule that information is a right, not a commodity. Youth and their social, cultural and political problems are one of AMICUS reference points.

FCASEC,  The association «Citizens’ Forum for Social Action and Civic Education», founded in December 2003, has a social, non-political and non-profit character and has no commercial purpose. The main objective of the organization consists of promoting youth in Romania, financially supporting and encouraging youth activities. The following activities are taken into account: Development of social programs, Employability, Volunteering activities, Rural Development, Organization of language courses, Carrying out activities to support arts and culture.

SEIES – Sociedade de Estudos e Intervenção em Engenharia Social is a cooperative society that brings to light local dynamics in an attempt to promote active citizenship especially the youth, as well as activate research and intervention at the institutional, associative, community and group level. Since 1980, has extensive experience of intervention both national and internationally. Deploys developmental strategies and local intervention methods, by privileging the involvement of local people and taking into account the diversity and specificity of each group and of the people constituting it, and the mobilization of local resources in the solution of local problems. SEIES is specialist and certified in training, in the animation of participatory processes in issues of discrimination, gender, and immigration.


K-EVOLUTION ASSOCIATION, non-profit association, based in Setúbal, Portugal. It has as the main goal of its activity the promotion of sustainability, citizenship and entrepreneurship through education amongst the children, the youth, executives, professors and parents in Portugal. Their main activities are training teachers and educators  for promoting Education for Sustainable Development (SDG 4) and enforcing the implementation of SDG’s – Global Goals in the programs of all institutions (schools, public and private institutions).

ASENARCO, self-help association created by patients suffering from sleep disorders, which is not for profit and also includes their families.

ONCE, Spanish national blind organization: Public Law Corporation of a social nature, with its own legal personality and full capacity to act and self-organization, whose social purposes are aimed at achieving personal autonomy and full integration of blind people with severe visual impairment, under the protectorate and State supervision.